Thursday, March 30, 2006

March 30th, 2006

It sort of overtook me... and i hate that feeling.. i hate being afraid.. i just think this may have been another confirmation that i will do my best always and forever to never leave Gods side.

Though at times you just jotted down songs and poems, when you would really write you let everything go from your soul, and let it do the talking.

You're a horrible person and I feel nothing for you. Jenni told me that I hadn't changed and that I was still always there when someone needed me.

So how the fuck am I supposed to tell this girl that I cant handle seeing her when apparently everyone else can..? Anyway, this entry is lame and angsty, I just figured I'd try that out since apparently everyone thinks that anything I write is supposed to be funny or something. And then getting her to arrange a time with Lynn, so that I can tell her just with me and Tal there.

Oh and as to why I blanked the name; It could be a couple of people that Im talking about, and both read this diary.

What he stands for is false and hateful and on all levels I wish he would lay the fuck down so the rational America could bug-fuck the bastard into the dirt. If this poll is successful, our research will continue to find the loneliestablished and most magical number. If anyone has an uncle that works at the Icehouse, we think that would be rocking awesome.

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Cassie said...

Please, stop filling blog entries with a random online journal entry generator.