Friday, February 16, 2007

Three Questions

One last post.

I have realized that, in accordance with certain traditions, I am now obliged to answer three questions. Now, I only have to answer them. I don't have to answer them honestly. I don't have to answer them politely. I don't have to answer them with great detail. I'll answer them how I see fit. "What's the point in asking questions if you're just going to lie?" Well, there is the off chance that you could outwit me somehow, I suppose.

Choose your questions wisely, because it's going to be awhile before you get another opportunity like this.

I will also be giving an answer to a fourth question of my choosing. I do not have to tell that question to you.


Esteed said...

First question: Where do these videos originate from? Not where they come from, as that could easily be answered with, "I give them out." Specifically, where do they originate from.

GMIller said...

What you now think of as a series of video has always existed in some form or another. They have been available as Carvings in stone, scrolls, pamphlets, books, etc. Not long ago I was charged with the task of updating them into a more modern form of media. I contacted a young native in the Northern Territories of Canada who had Strayed from his kin and their beliefs. He was rather Pretentious, but it didn't take much to convince him to work for me. He was very resourceful and already had a large library of programs and sounds. I spoke with him for 23 hours, describing what it was I wanted done. He took notes and complied. Eventually he realized that I was not part of any sort of art project and that his works would not be used in the way he wanted them to be. He became very Irate. He's Gone now. I sold the first three videos myself. You already have heard of the three people who bought them, though there are many connections you may not have made.

There are three questions remaining, one of which I get to choose myself.

Esteed said...

Second question: What is the purpose of that which you are updating? Not merely the videos, as their purpose is to update previously available data into a modern medium. I am asking for the purpose of what it is you are updating.

GMIller said...

What I am updating Serves various purposes. For one, it Inspires many of those who view it in small, subtle ways and those who own it in very strong ways. Modifying people in such a manner helps to guide society down the Path that my people believe is the best. They also Serve as a very important part of our belief system. They help to strengthen us and keep us healthy. They are the most sacred objects in our world. They are the winning card in the Game we play with Humanity.

Esteed said...

Last of the questions we get to choose.

We know you, or others of your people, are watching our efforts. Games like these are never fun unless you can see what the mice in the maze are doing, so here it is.

Earlier you said there were connections we might not have made. We've made some connections and I've got ideas as to a few more. But there's nothing quite like the source. What connections are there that we've missed?

GMIller said...

This is not a question I can answer fully. However, there are some examples I can give you. First of all, the man who Took the moniker Jack Q. Pembry bought the second video. I wouldn't try getting in touch with him. He's Gone. The Robert mentioned on Gregory Miller's blog is not Donald Wilson's stepson. He is Danny's brother. Two separate people sharing a common name, you see. He's still Kicking around, though in all honesty I can't guarantee you his last name is Cable. So, here are the three people who bought the videos from me personally: Jack Q. Pembry (alias), Daniel C., Gregory Miller. You have yet to discuss how the second video got from Pembry to Donald Wilson to Jamie to Youtube. Donald Wilson wasn't himself when he began his little collection, as his Obituary seems to hint. Of course, researching ol' Donald will just lead to a Dead end (literally) for you, which causes me to wonder why no one has investigated the others yet.

I'd be following Jamie's Youtube profile for the next few days. The first chance you get to contact him, do it. I never figured him into my equation, so his presence is, to put it lightly, slightly Aggravating to me, and even I don't fully understand how the video got from Wilson to him, though I have some ideas. There may be a group of Interlopers trying to get my videos to people I would generally consider Unworthy. If you want my help, I suggest you Stop them. Follow my advice about Jamie, and eventually you'll know what to do. In the End, you're going to end up helping me take care of Jamie no matter what it is you truly want to do. Don't make it Difficult for yourself by trying to Misbehave.

The Interlopers may be my sisters. I would elaborate about them further, but that wasn't your question. A hint - TOPIC: THE RECURRING THEME OF DUALITY IN MYTHOLOGY.

Soon, this blog will be nothing but variants of the posts that preceded this. Good luck.

GMIller said...

The answer to my question? Seven.

Slyfingers said...

I saw you gave us the answer to the fourth question, but where is the question?

Juan said...

You rule, m4n

null said...

you MUST not GET ahead OF yourself

YOU are NOT as CLEVER as YOU think

the VIDEO WORLD was NOT meant for KIDS like YOU

you ARE GUILTY of MISUSING the defense TECHNIQUES of THE new FACTION, as IN using FOR malicious INTENTIONS.

WE want PEACE. we WILL DESTROY you for PEACE if WE need TO.

Jimmy said...

Coincedentally, I was once carved in stone.

Griff said...