Sunday, April 30, 2006

April 30th, 2006

Recent gigs i have been to - not many. So theyve been shopping around for townhouses to rent, and Ive been informed that I wont be coming with them. Thier manager, Steve Perry of Journey, had made a hectic, busy touring schedule that strengthened the bands' chops and helped them gel together.

I was mad that my brother and mom where A holes and I couldn't go to a football game. I said stuff like leave me alone bitch and junk like that. Like the new Green Day CD American Idiot, and a new and beautiful wig so that I can cover this Mohawk with regular looking hair when I dont feel like spiking it. Afterwards, we were going to go to the American History museum, but it was already 3:30, and it closes at 5, so we decided to walk around and see the monuments and such.

I had not seen the Vietnam Memorial before, so that was cool.

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