Monday, January 30, 2006

January 30th, 2006

I hate small towns. The kids she teaches are small little tweenie things! Surveys - A couple fun little survey things that I took. Is it his fault that I am this far?

And then getting her to arrange a time with Lynn, so that I can tell her just with me and Tal there. Remember that little invite effort I made the other day at work? Alright, kelly talked aobut the mall yesterday so I don't need to do that I guess....

I'm not stupid, I know all the dangers but sometimes I just don't care about them. I remember the date because it was the day of the Warped Tour, I was going to see The Casualties, bad Religion, NOFX and such.. and I was rather happy, but on the inside, I was a self-destructive, homicidal, suicidal mess. You tellin` the yanks bout Miss Molly?

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